5 Easy Tips to Repair & Protect Heat Damaged Hair

5 Easy Tips to Repair & Protect Heat Damaged Hair

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Snapping, breaking, fraying, splitting… No, it’s not a new TikTok dance, it’s what happens when your hair starts to struggle against daily heat damage. Whether you’re reaching for the straighteners every morning or can’t go a week without blow-drying your hair, it can be hard to ditch the heat and go au natural with your tresses. If you’re finding your hair is looking dried out, brittle and dull, it’s time to take action. How do you combat the damage done by your favourite appliances, and - more importantly - prevent it from happening again? Here we’ve got 5 easy tips to take to restore shine and health to your locks.

  1. Use a leave-in protein treatment

    Now, before we kick off it is worth mentioning that there are different levels of hair damage - and unfortunately in more extreme cases no amount of protein restoration or hair masks will fix the follicle. If you’re at this end of the spectrum, it’s best to visit your stylist and get a haircut to remove the most damaged parts of your hair.

    For those dealing with mild to moderate hair damage, an intensive protein treatment is a great place to start. These reconstructing masks contain strengthening ingredients like hydrolysed proteins, amino acids and natural oils to temporarily patch up chips, cracks and breaks in the hair cuticle. Most protein treatments work best on damp, freshly washed hair. Leave them for five to seven minutes to allow the ingredients to get to work, and then wash out and air dry.

    It’s worth noting that whilst these protein-packed masks are great for breakage, split ends and dryness, they should only be used in moderation. The key is to balance out your protein and moisture. Stick to once or twice a month if you’re dealing with damaged hair, and DEFINITELY don’t skip step 2 - moisturise, moisturise, moisturise.

  2. Moisturise like your life depends on it (spoiler: it does)

    Adding moisture back to your damaged hair is an integral part of restoring shine and banishing frizz. As soon as you start blow drying or straightening your hair, moisture is lost. To redress this imbalance, you need to use a deep conditioner to give your hair a little love. Look for products that feature shea butter, argan oil or coconut oil, as these all contain natural oily properties that help nourish your locks.

    Apply your conditioner, wrap your hair in a microfibre towel or t-shirt to avoid frizz and leave the product in your hair for the time recommended on the label. Some you can leave in overnight - others only require 20 minutes before you wash it out. Doing this once a week with your favourite hair mask is one of the best ways to prevent long term damage.

    Top Tip: If you’ve got curly hair, then conditioning is even more important for your hair routine. Avoid shampooing every day and only apply shampoo to the scalp and roots of your hair. This will help to keep your natural oils and combat frizz.
  1. Use heat protectant

    Don’t worry - you don’t need to ditch the styling tools for good! Adding a heat protectant is the easiest way to protect your hair before you get started with your styling routine. A thermal protector creates a barrier between your open hair shaft and the heat, as well as detangling strands and creating less breakage when you brush through. Nourish your hair before you dry or style it by applying a protecting spray to damp hair to reduce frizz and keep moisture locked in.
  1. Switch up your styling tools

    When it is time to style your locks, then consider switching to a tool that’s more healthy for your hair. The less time your hair is exposed to heat, the less time for damage to occur. Old, worn out straighteners that require you going over the same pieces of hair again and again to get the look you’re after? Not the one!

    A hot air brush is a much gentler substitute for your flat iron, as it styles your hair whilst drying it, as well as having different temperature settings to avoid unnecessary heat. Our Hot Brushes are the ultimate style saviour as they have a keratin coating for added protein protection AND take less time to style your hair. Try out different attachments to create beachy waves, bouncy curls, straight styles and keep your hair looking and feeling healthy without too much heat.

  1. Get regular haircuts

    Have you ever pulled at a split end and watched it travel up the hair shaft? When your hair starts to split and the ends are not trimmed, there’s more chance that the damage will continue up your hair and require a more drastic haircut to remove all the frayed ends. Getting regular haircuts ensures that you can trim away any early signs of stress on the hair and avoid cutting more than you’d planned later on. Visit your hairdresser regularly to keep on top of any stress to the hair.

    If you’ve been treating your hair with protein and moisturising masks for two to three months and seen no progress, then it’s time to cut away the damage. Visit a salon and they’ll recommend the best haircutting plan for you.

    And there you have it - hair that looks great and feels healthier than ever! Are you looking for your next styler? Shop our Hot Brushes here.