Hair Slugging: What Is It And Does It Actually Work?

Hair Slugging: What Is It And Does It Actually Work?

If you’ve spotted a new beauty trend appearing on your social media feeds, then you might have heard the word ‘slugging’ passed around. But what is hair slugging, and is it actually worth doing?

The term ‘slugging’ originally came from a Korean skincare technique which involved coating your skin in an occlusive moisturiser (such as Vaseline) and going to sleep to allow the product to create a barrier on your skin and prevent water loss. Much like skin slugging, hair slugging is all about adding extra moisture back into your locks over a long period of time. By leaving your hair soaking in a lightweight conditioning product overnight, you can wake up to ultra-hydrated, softer and stronger strands without needing to wash away any oily residue.

Throughout history, women have been using hair oil and sleeping in silk scarves to protect their tresses, so this concept certainly isn’t a new one. But the current hair slugging trends have switched things up slightly. We dived into this trend and learned exactly how to, er, get your slug on. Enjoy…

 How to ‘slug’ your hair

The art of slugging requires that you own three things - a lightweight hair oil, a fluffy sock or silk scarf, and a loose scrunchie to keep everything in place.

Choose a lightweight hair oil and apply it through the mid-lengths to the ends of your hair - enough to lightly coat but not drench the strands. Comb this through with your fingers until your oil has been distributed evenly and any knots have been gently brushed out.

Then you’re ready to get wrapping. Gather the oily mid to ends of your hair (like gathering a low ponytail) and slip your hair inside a clean fluffy sock. The sock is useful for not only keeping your bed sheets and pillowcases free from oil, but giving the oil time to seep through your strands. Other hairdressers recommend a silk scarf or wrap if you don’t want the sock to absorb too much of the moisture.

Secure the base of your sock ponytail with a scrunchie.

Go to sleep and try to ignore the fact that you have a sock attached to your head. (Trust us, harder than it looks).

Wake up, gently brush through the oil and check out your new hydrated locks!

Need a deeper hydrating treatment? 

For more intense hydration on drier, coarser hair, you’ll need a heavier moisturising oil. Apply the oil to your roots and use your fingers to distribute the product right down to your ends. For added moisture, use a hair mask on TOP of the oil and use a silk scarf to wrap over your entire head. This might feel like overkill, but for thick and brittle hair this works wonders.

Note: For this heavy application, you’ll need to hit the shower once you wake up. Rinse out the mask and hair oil and leave to air dry for the best results.

How often should I slug?

For finer hair, slugging once a week is more than enough to provide your ends with the moisture they need. If you’ve got curly, thicker hair, then two to three times a week would help restore shine and strength. Any more, and you risk stripping out the natural oils in your hair and making it dryer. 

Have you tried slugging yet? Let us know! Finish off your latest curly look with our Diffon diffuser and see the difference for yourself.