Hot Brushes

Hot Brushes

Air Hair Stylers 

Explore limitless styling options with the Bellissima range of hot air stylers and hot brushes. Our range of interchangeable accessories, featuring a rotating ceramic coating, makes drying and styling your hair effortless. Discover the ideal styling tool for your hair's length and texture. Whether you prefer perfectly straight hair or beautiful waves, the choice is yours!

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Bellissima Italia Air Wonder 8 in 1 Hot Air StylerBellissima Air Wonder Hot Air Styler
Bellissima Italia 6 In 1 Ceramic Hot Air StylerBellissima Italia 6 In 1 Ceramic Hot Air Styler

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Hot Brushes

6 In 1 Ceramic Hot Air Styler

Which look will you choose today? Soft, straight hair with volume, wavy hair with styled ends or tight curls? Let your creativity run wild! The hair is protected and glides easily, thanks to the ceramic coating; the anti-burn tip on each accessory ensures ease of use.

Hot Air Styler

6 In 1 Ceramic Hot Air Styler

Introducing our 6-in-1 Ceramic Hot Air Styler. What style will you choose today? 

Achieve soft, voluminous straight hair, choose wavy locks and styled ends, or go for tight, glamorous curls. Let your creativity run wild! 

The ceramic coating not only protects your hair, it ensures a smooth glide, while the anti-burn tip on each accessory keeps it safe and easy to use. 


Air Wonder 8 in 1 Hot Brush

Just one simple move to dry hair, add volume and create a range of different styles. Volumised, straight, wavy, tight ringlets or natural curls: you decide!

Hot Brush Styler

Air Wonder 8 in 1 Hot Brush

Switch up your look with the Bellissima Hot Brush Styler. Our versatile heated round brush lets you effortlessly dry your hair, add volume, and achieve different styles with a single, easy motion. Whether you want volumised, straight, wavy, tight ringlets, or natural curls, you decide! 


The ceramic and keratin coating on the accessories protects the hair from heat, while the ion technology traps in moisture. As a result, hair is left visibly shiny, silky and full of life.

Your Hair's Dynamic Duo

Get amazing results using our Air Styler and Round Brush Hair Dryer, with interchangeable blow dry brush accessories. The ceramic and keratin coating safeguards your hair from heat, while the ion technology locks in moisture. The outcome? Hair that's not just visibly shiny and silky but full of life.

Beach Wave Curler 

Looking for glossy beach waves? Discover our beach wave curler, for shiny beach waves in one simple click.

Your Frequently Asked Air Styler Questions: Answered

Hot brush stylers are versatile and can help you achieve all the on-trend styles including straight, wavy, voluminous, or curled hair, depending on the model and your styling technique.

Yes, our air hair stylers are suitable for all hair types including thick, fine, curly, wavy or straight. Begin by drying your hair from wet using the blow dryer then choose your favourite accessory to achieve your perfect style.

Yes, Air Stylers and Hot Brushes are good for all hair types. Our range is designed with a ceramic & keratin coating, ensuring hair protection and delivering instant vitality, resulting in shiny, silky, and elastic hair.