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Diffuser Hair Dryers

We know that achieving fabulous, defined curls can sometimes feel like an impossible task. That's why we developed a range of innovative diffuser hair dryers to help you effortlessly create soft, well-defined voluminous curls that will take your hair game to the next level. Explore our diffuser hair dryers for curly hair.

The Diffon Hair Diffuser For Curly Hair

Are you tired of dealing with frizz, flatness, or unruly curls? Now you can achieve  salon-worthy hair at home with Diffon curly hair diffuser by Bellissima Italia.

Diffon is the ultimate solution for curly hair – it's a hair dryer and hair diffuser attachment in one, thoughtfully designed to both dry and enhance your beautiful natural curls. Our innovative anti-frizz technology ensures your hair stays soft and bouncy, by harnessing the gentle power of heat through our ceramic and Argon Oil technology.

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Bellissima Italia Diffon SupremeBellissima Italia Diffon Supreme
Bellissima Italia Diffon CeramicBellissima Italia Diffon Ceramic

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Bellissima Diffon Supreme hair diffuser

Diffon Supreme

Love your curls with the Bellissima Diffon Supreme, a next-generation diffuser that breathes new life into your hair! The result? Bouncy and highly-defined curls that last all day.

Before and after using Bellissima Diffon Diffuser
back view of woman before and after using Bellissima diffuser for curly hair
Diffon Ceramic hair diffuser in bag

Diffon Ceramic

For defined, tamed curls hydrated thanks to the "good" heat of the ceramic. Bellissima Ceramic Diffon is the hot air diffuser that combines a diffuser and a hairdryer in one single appliance, with an anti-frizz and anti-dryness effect. Perfect when travelling too.

Bellissima Diffon Ceramic curl booster in action

Curl Booster System

Achieve flawlessly blow-dried curls thanks to our advanced Curl-Boosting System. The Diffon features a built in hair diffuser attachment with a perforated grille and 12 elongated fingers to expertly hold and tame your curls.

Diffon Hair Diffuser FAQs

If you have curly or wavy hair, using a diffuser to dry your hair can help maintain and enhance your curls while reducing heat damage. The diffuser's unique design lifts the hair and secures it in an elevated position, creating significantly more volume when heat is applied.

Yes, the size of the diffuser matters. A larger diffuser is better for longer, thicker hair, while a smaller diffuser is ideal for shorter or finer hair. The Diffon Supreme is designed with an extra large diffuser for faster drying time, making it ideal for long hair. 

The frequency of using a hair diffuser depends on your hair type and styling routine. Generally, using it once or twice a week should be enough to maintain your curls. With Diffon, delicate drying is guaranteed, so there's no need to worry about overexposing your hair to heat.

We wouldn't recommend brushing your hair immediately after using a diffuser, as this can disrupt your curls. Instead, use your fingers to gently separate and style your curls for a more natural look.

The Diffon Ceramic has 700W while the NEW Diffon Supreme has 770W of power which dries hair gently. It may take a little longer to dry, but this is the Diffon’s secret. The 700W/770W powers respect the natural shape of your curls without making them frizzy and retaining their elasticity. The result? Beautiful curls every time.

Only the Diffon Supreme has a cool shot feature.

The Diffon does not feature automatic multi-voltage. It has 220-250V and therefore the UK model cannot be used in the USA or in Europe.

When used correctly, the Diffon will not overheat. Users most commonly experience the ergonomic handle getting hot when the Diffon is being held incorrectly. Do not obstruct the filter with your hand, it blocks the air flow, and as a result the appliance can become hot and overheat. The Diffon should be held in the middle on the ergonomic grip, without obstructing the filter.

Yes, simply turn and lift to remove.

No, the Diffon is an all-in-one diffuser and hair dryer, so there is no need to attach it to your other hair dryer.

You can apply your normal curly specific hair products before drying with Diffon.

Yes, it helps to keep curls elastic and defined, without making them frizzy.

Yes, the Diffon and Diffon ceramic are both compact and light, making them ideal for travelling.

Yes, Diffon Supreme with its XL diffuser is perfect for long hair. However please note, that due to the lower power of the Diffon your hair may take longer to dry than usual. The low heat gently dries your curls, respecting their natural shape without making them frizzy and retaining their elasticity.

The Diffon weighs 508g

Diffon can be used to dry straight hair, however it will not make your hair wavy. The Diffon is designed specifically for naturally textured hair.