How to Diffuse Curly Hair the RIGHT Way

How to Diffuse Curly Hair the RIGHT Way

Find your perfect diffusing technique to suit your curl type.

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If you’re lucky enough to have been born with piles of curly hair, you’ll know the journey to the perfect curl is never straightforward. Without using a diffuser, curls can have a mind of their own – leaving you with frizz, rather than ringlets!

When blow-drying, a diffuser attachment is a must-have if you don’t have time to let your curls air dry. It might seem daunting at first, but a bit of practice with your diffuser can transform your styling routine. Here are our tips for diffusing curly hair, as well as what you definitely shouldn’t do when caring for your curls.


Choosing The Best Diffuser For Curly Hair

For those blessed with luscious curls, a hair diffuser is not just a nice to have, it's a must have tool for styling your hair. But with a plethora of options flooding the market, finding the best hair diffuser tailored to your unique curl pattern can be overwhelming. 

Fortunately, you’re in the right place as we offer some of the best diffusers for curly hair on the market. Not only have our diffusers won a plethora of awards, our user reviews speak for themselves.

Customer reviews: 

“I have had my Diffon supreme for six months after years of trial and error. This Bellissima appliance is the best thing ever. So easy and quick to use, leaving a great result”.

“So happy I bought this! Never have my curls looked so good! I have thick, porous hair and it didn’t take long to dry at all and NO FRIZZ. Really light and easy to hold”.

“I wish I'd bought this years ago. It's amazing. I now have no frizz”.

Investing in the best hair diffuser for curly hair is essential for achieving salon-worthy results at home. By considering factors such as design, material, size, compatibility, and heat settings, you can find the perfect diffuser to suit your unique curl pattern and styling needs. 

Discover the award winning Diffon Supreme. Features include:

  • An extra large built in diffuser: Faster drying time, making it ideal for long hair
  • Curl booster system: The combined action of the perforated grid and the 12 long fingers gently dry and enhance the shape and elasticity of the curls
  • Digital heat control: Maintains and regulates the temperature, ensuring hair protection from heat damage
  • Ion care technology: Keeps hair hydrated, leaving them softer, shinier and frizz-free
  • Ceramic and argan oil technology: Protects the hair whilst drying. Anti-frizz and anti-dryness effect
  • Cool hair shot: To lock the style into place
  • 3 temperature levels/ 2 speeds: The right temperature for your hair
  • Silicone diffuser tips: For optimal head comfort
  • Power 770 w: A gentle system to protect the curls from heat damage
  • Professional cord 3 m: For ultimate convenience & flexibility

How To Use A Diffuser On Curly Hair

A diffuser is a wonderful tool for enhancing your curls. Unlike a standard hair dryer, the point of a diffuser or diffuser attachment is to soften the air flow so it doesn’t disturb the formation pattern of your curl. Not only does it help to define each individual curl, it is much less harsh on your cuticles than a standard hair dryer alone. Low speeds and cooler heat settings are the most gentle on your hair and avoid your scalp drying out, so if you’ve got the time, it’s worth avoiding the high heat.


  1. Before picking up your diffuser, ensure you’ve applied your curl cream, mousse or scrunching jelly to your hair. These will help to hold and shape your curls as you start to diffuse.

  2. Gently squeeze any excess water from your hair with a t-shirt or microfibre towel. These fabrics protect your curls more than a standard bath towel, which is often too coarse and will fray or snap the ends of your hair.

    Don’t: Touch your hair too much at this early stage! The more you touch the hair, the more unruly and frizzy it’ll become. Only use your fingers to create coil curls, otherwise, keep your mitts off.

  3. Start by tipping your head upside down and hovering the diffuser around your roots. This encourages volume and curl definition. Gently move your head so that you’re leaning one side and then the other to avoid your curls setting in one particular direction. Massage your roots slowly and let the diffuser do the work to dry the dampest parts of your hair.

    Once your roots are nice and massaged, it’s time to move to your ends.

  4. Scrunch the hair as you go up from the ends by allowing sections of curls to fall over the diffuser attachment and scrunching them up to your scalp. Hold in place for 30 seconds to 1 minute and release.

    Do this all over your hair until your curls are about 80% dry, then leave to air dry.

  5. If your hair is feeling crunchy from products at this stage, then use your fingers to scrunch it out. Rub some shine serum into your hands and smooth it over the mid-length to ends of hair (not through it, or you’ll loosen the curls).

  6. Ta-da! Go and rock your best curly look. If you can, leave your curly hair to set for a couple of hours before you head out or go to bed.

“Pick a suitable cup sized diffuser to fit your hair's length - if you have long hair with lots of volume, you might be more comfortable with a larger diffuser cup, like Bellissima Italia Diffon Supreme!” - Ellen Robinson, Head of Customer Service at Bellissima


Curly hair, before and after using a diffuser

How a hair diffuser or diffuser attachment works

A diffuser is a wonderful tool for enhancing your curls, with the below benefits:

  • Defines individual curls more than a standard hair dryer
  • Softens airflow, preserving the formation pattern of your curl
  • Less harsh on your cuticles than a standard blow-dryer
  • Lower speed and heat, so more gentle on hair and scalp
  • Faster than leaving your long, curly hair to dry naturally
  • Helps add texture and volume to straight or wavy hair

Still searching for the perfect tool to diffuse your curly hair? Check out our Diffon Diffusers. With hundreds of 5-star reviews from curly girls and guys right here in the UK and two air-flow settings, you’ll be enjoying your most beautiful curls in no time.

If you’ve been blessed with curly or wavy hair, then you may have been tempted to try the Curly Girl Method. Read our blog on the Curly Girl Method here.



Is it better to diffuse wet or dry hair?

It’s better to diffuse wet hair, as this helps to stop frizz. Just add your product, squeeze out any excess drops from the shower, and keep drying until your hair is around 80% dry.

Do you diffuse your hair with hot or cold air?

Diffuse your hair with a cool or medium airflow setting. A high hairdryer heat will dry out your curls, while a lower setting will prevent damage to your cuticles and your scalp.


What products do I use to diffuse my hair?

Use your preferred choice of curl cream, serum, or other styling products. Many hair products have ranges designed for curly hair, including shampoo and conditioner.


How long does it take to diffuse long curly hair?

How long it takes to diffuse your curly hair depends on your hair’s length and thickness. Other factors also affect drying time, such as your diffuser’s power and how clean it is.


Does a diffuser work on straight hair?

A diffuser is perfect for curly hair, but can also help add volume and texture to straight hair. If your hair has a little curl in it, blow-drying with a diffuser can help make it more curly.