Glam Waves Hair Waver Wand
Glam Waves Hair Waver Wand
Glam Waves Hair Waver Wand
Glam Waves Hair Waver Wand
Glam Waves Hair Waver Wand
Glam Waves Hair Waver Wand
Glam Waves Hair Waver Wand
Glam Waves Hair Waver Wand
Glam Waves Hair Waver Wand
Glam Waves Hair Waver Wand

Glam Waves Hair Waver Wand

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The Glam Waves hair wand is the ultimate tool for effortless elegance.

Crafted with precision, this wave curling wand boasts an inverted cone shape and an ingenious L design. These features make creating glamorous waves a breeze while ensuring the utmost care for your hair. Firm at the roots and luxuriously soft towards the ends, our ceramic and keratin coating guarantees both style and protection.

Natural waves are the epitome of timeless beauty. They are universally flattering for every face shape and suitable for any occasion. Get salon-quality results with the Bellissima Italia Glam Waves curling wand, creating voluminous roots and lustrous curls at the tips.

Thanks to the convenient LED display, managing timer functions and temperature adjustments is easy. No more worries about timing – the audible timer will guide you to release the lock at the perfect moment, ensuring your hair receives just the right amount of heat.

Effortless curls

Hair Wand for Waves

With an innovative L-shaped design, this curling wand easily reaches every part of your head. Our hair wand for waves even reaches those hard to reach pieces of hair at the back, ensuring a super-smooth styling experience. The Diamond Ceramic and Keratin coating protect hair from heat while adding shine and vitality. Thermo Control technology maintains a consistent temperature, delivering flawless results without causing damage.

How To Achieve The Perfect Look

Glam Waves Hair Waver Wand Features


Curls hair top to bottom with ease, front and back


Waves firm at roots, soft towards ends


Guarantees hair protection and instant shine and bouncy hair


Between 160°C to 210°C for optimal styling result


8 seconds for fine hair and 12 seconds for medium or thick hair


Instant heat up


Ideal for mid-length or long hair


Safe and proper grip sections of hair when styling


Technical specifications for Bellissima Italia Glam Waves hair wand:

Table Example
Heating technology Ceramic
Heat settings 5
Speed settings 2
Power 64 W
Type Hair styler
Colour Black and gold
Box contents Bellissima Italia Glam Waves Curling Wand
Manufacturer's guarantee 2 years
Cord length 1.8m swivel cord

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Why not also take a look at the Beach Waves Styler, or view our full range of hair waver styling tools. At Bellissima Italia, we set the standard with salon-quality results. Transform your styling routine today.


The Glam Waves hair waver wand is suitable for all hair types. Its versatile design allows it to create beautiful waves on straight, wavy, curly, or textured hair effortlessly. Whether you have fine, thick, coarse, or thin hair, you can achieve stunning waves with ease using this hair wand. Simply adjust the settings to suit your hair type and style preferences for flawless results every time.

Creating waves with the Glam Waves hair wand is quick and easy. On average, it takes about 10 to 15 minutes to style your hair into beautiful waves using this wand. However, the exact time may vary depending on your hair's length, thickness, and the desired wave intensity. With its efficient heating technology, you'll achieve gorgeous waves in no time. Perfect for a stylish and effortless look anytime, anywhere.

The Glam Waves hair wand is designed to be used on dry hair only. It is not recommended to use the hair wand on wet hair as it may cause damage to both the hair and the wand itself. For best results and to ensure the safety of your hair, always style with completely dry hair using the Glam Waves hair wand and a heat protection spray.

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